Chinobay (Uganda / USA)

Born and raised in Uganda, Chinobay's musical journey began in an underprivileged family. He immersed himself in the rich tradition of Buganda musicians whose melodies resonated from the nearby Kanyange king’s palace. Drawing inspiration from these musicians, Chinobay's early work revitalized folk classics on various instruments. Today, as a songwriter, educator, and intercultural facilitator, his original compositions vividly bring people’s stories to life, showcasing the multifaceted richness of Africa beyond just its struggles. As a musical educator, Chinobay has facilitated over a thousand workshops in over 30 countries around the world.

As the child of two dedicated school teachers, Chinobay's commitment to using arts education as a catalyst for social change follows in his parents' footsteps. His cross-cultural journey commenced during elementary school, when he toured Europe in 1995, sharing the vibrant sounds of Uganda with fellow school children as part of a cultural troupe. In 1999, his musical prowess caught the attention of UNICEF Ambassador

to Uganda, Michel Sidibe, leading to Chinobay's involvement in the GEM (Girl Education Movement) initiative. This campaign advocated for free education for girls who had been denied this opportunity. Through UNICEF, Chinobay conducted seminars and workshops where his music became a powerful tool to reach and educate people in rural areas about the importance of women’s education. This pivotal role as a UNICEF ambassador steered Chinobay towards social responsibility, shaping his music's focus towards socially relevant themes with the aim of enhancing children’s lives. He is the father of four children and lives in Rutherfordton, NC.

Joel Karabo Elliott (USA / South Africa )

Joel is a musical composer, performer, arts educator and community regeneration guide based in southern Appalachia, USA (Asheville, North Carolina) and southern Africa (South Africa and Mozambique). He has employed his gifts in 13 countries around the world, serving children, adults, communities and professional institutions with practical tools for the expansion of personal and collective enlightenment.

Born, raised and schooled in the Midwest region of the United States, Joel then entered and swiftly exited a Washington DC-based career in public policy to live much of his adult life in South Africa as a musically-inspired teacher, youth development entrepreneur, and community development consultant. Joel lived for many beautiful years in a native Bapedi village in Limpopo, where he was given the name Karabo and learned how to live in an indigenous way, growing food, herding cattle, and working in a village school.

Having been transformed inwardly by the experiential wisdom of this life, he then expanded into the wider region as a musical artist, sharing a new repertoire and genre of songs, and gradually forming a multi-cultural performance collective now known as Roots Grown Deep.

Since 2011, Joel & Roots Grown Deep — employing Music as primary technology — have supported hundreds of schools, non-profit organizations, farms, community development projects and individual leaders on their pathway toward a number of interrelated goals including: sovereignty, clarity of vision and purpose, effectiveness of action, spiritual growth, and sustainability of right relationship with society and the earth. Joel unifies his life’s work through a learning paradigm he calls “Musical Ecology” — a spontaneous yet anciently-rooted curriculum which illuminates the subtle and profound relationships between sound, nature, spirituality, healing, community, creativity and divinity.

Karabo is a world-class performer and teacher using the voice, piano, trombone, guitar, native flutes, mbira, percussion, and bass, as well as the practice and philosophy of meditation (accessing silence within) and discovery of authentic voice (manifestation of personal will and creativity). He performs and teaches these technologies fluently for all ages, with joyful relevance to every age, personality and developmental level.

Paloma Devi (USA / Cuba)

Paloma is a mother of two children and lives in Fairview, NC. She is of Cuban, Spanish & Asian descent and has spent much of her life traveling the globe embracing many cultures as an expression of her love for humanity. She has provided thousands of classes over the last 19 years in Yoga, Sacred Sounds & Dance Embodiment workshops. Her musical sharing has the intention encouraging devotion of uplifting others in their artistic expression and finding joy in their bodies.

Paloma is an accomplished vocalist, soul singer, and ethnic dancer. As an Internationally recognized Teacher and Singer, her voice carries the sadhana (spiritual discipline) of her 26 years of Yoga practice and has been heard by millions around the world. At the age of 5 she began dancing Ballet and studying the Piano. Her practice is passionately fueled by the healing she received from Yoga after a long battle with a childhood illness and she considers it the foundation of her life. She has earned a Degree In World Religions, Asian Studies & Dance as well as a Master's degree in Theta Healing.

She is the creator of the Vocal Moksah Method, Sound Healing and Vocal Liberating Techniques to expand the voice and heal through Song. Paloma helps the student remove any block to their deepest expression, so one can feel freed to bathe in one's greatest healer- The Human Voice.

As a performing artist, she's traveled as a music partner to Roots Grown Deep as well as Guruganesha Singh, founder of Spirit Voyage records, and her solo debut album "Let it be So"is available on iTunes, YogiTunes and Spirit Voyage Records.

Dance of Hope (Uganda)

Dance of Hope is a youth-based cultural touring ensemble from Uganda, celebrated as Africa’s most impactful arts education program. It delves into the transformative power of music and dance, channeling messages of hope and resilience emanating from unforgettable mainstage productions and outreach.

This exceptional ensemble has been touring the USA since 2018. Its young cast brings stories, songs, and dances to global communities of all ages, with invigorating drum beats, sensational sounds, vibrant choreography, and gorgeous harmonies.

Through vibrant mainstage performances and engagements including schools and community outreach, participants and audiences discover the pivotal role music and dance play in raising awareness about vital global issues, while instilling empowerment and boosting self-esteem for everyone involved

Dance of Hope not only nurtures children and empowers them, helping them heal from the pain of poverty and disenfranchisement, but also encourages them to express themselves boldly, powerfully, and in harmony with others. The touring cast members have emerged from some of the most challenging environments imaginable, turning negative stories into positive ones. They exemplify a resilience forged through the sounds that enhance creativity, persistence, and change. They inspire audiences to explore their own emotions and seek healthy, creative modes of expression.

Audiences who experience the power of Dance of Hope performances are deeply moved by the emotional impact of candid storytelling and are inspired to support the arts and education. Across the globe, young people are motivated to learn and open to new experiences, and Dance of Hope utilizes music, arts, and life skills to highlight this commonality and nurture its growth.