Arts for the rescue program focuses on using arts (visual, performance and creative) as a tool for transformation amongst At Risk Communities. Our goal is therefore to reach out and bring artistic programs to these communities, through which children and community members get inspired, empowered and transformed.

Music and Dance are powerful tools through which young people can express their emotional realities and create pathways for them to voice their feelings out to the world. It sparks the dormant talents within and triggers them to be creative, expressive; which further develops their talents and restores dignity for them to dream again.

These programs also help keep youth away from trouble. May young people in these communities unfortunately end up adapting to drugs, prostitution and many life-threating activities which completely ends their future. Arts for the Rescue gives them a chance to choose and an opportunity to put their lives back on track, providing them with skills that will eventually transform their livelihoods.

Our goal is to create avenues for

  • Emotional and psychological rehabilitation
  • Skills and Talent enhance
  • Career guidance and employability ( with critical attention to young people and women)

Our engagements will be driven through

  • Routine engagements in workshops and trainings
  • Exchange programs amongst the youths in shelters
  • Outreach for title 1 schools and afterschool programs
  • Youth Forums
  • Art exhibitions and Events

Our Partners