About Us

Founded in 2019, World Bridge Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization that facilitates processes of transformation in underserved communities through arts, life skills, public health, social support, and Education. We partner with nonprofit and community-based organizations, businesses, learning institutions, social enterprises to curate and implement programs needed to address social challenges to improve livelihoods in these respective communities.

At the World Bridge Foundation, we believe that investing in young people, women and marginalized groups living in underserved communities is the best way to create regenerative livelihoods capable of achieving stability and transforming families.

We provide grassroots training and support to build healthy communities and enable them to have the skills, tools, mindset, and power to compete in global markets and have access to unlimited opportunities.

Transforming Communities

Our Vision

is to create a world where people live lives of joy, opportunities and possibilities.

Our Mission

is to curate cross-cultural exchange programs and support community-led initiatives that address social challenges by providing solutions to overcome poverty and build regenerative livelihoods for families living in underserved communities.


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Women Supported

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