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Child sponsorship means providing a lifeline for vulnerable children, to allow them build resilience, transcend their circumstances, and lead fulfilling lives. In addition to directly supporting children’s education, Word Bridge Foundation supports other grassroots organizations that advocate for the education of vulnerable children; where we work as a bridge between the sponsors and the beneficiaries.

We understand that sometimes, the gap between those providing support and the children benefiting from it can be challenging, so we prioritize transparency. We diligently verify all the children before listing them and we make sure that sponsors get progress reports and updates.

Our students are given the opportunity to participate in creative arts initiatives and research shows that music and arts programs help children perform better in school.

How sponsorship works

1. Sponsor a child today

$70/month changes a child's life.

2. Know your child

Receive information about your child.

3. Witness the impact

See the progress in your child.

Where does my money go ?

$40: Education

Securing a better future for children.

$10: Health

Proper healthcare and nutrition.

$20: Creative arts

Developing talent and self esteem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go ?

The money you give supports the health and education of underprivileged children both in and out and of the classroom.


Securing a better future for children


Access to proper healthcare and nutrition

Creative arts

Developing self esteem and confidence

Children waiting for a sponsor

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Sponsorship

Length of Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Ideally, sponsors support a child until they complete high school. We request a minimum sponsorship of 3 years. If the sponsor wishes to continue supporting a child through university then another arrangement is made.

Group/ business/organization sponsorship?

You can increase the social impact of your business/organization/group by sponsoring vulnerable children to go to school. Please designate one individual as the contact person for communications.

Partial Sponsorship and the Education Fund

If you can't fully sponsor a child, please make a contribution towards our Education Fund. These donations, combined with others, help send to school many children who are not beneficiaries of children sponsorship.

Is my support going to a real person?

Yes! We verify all the children listed on our website. They are people with real dreams and interests.

How are the children selected?

We work with grassroots organizations that support education, and community coordinators who help to identify struggling families and children that need help most. Our sponsorship program is extended to children who live in abusive homes, abandoned/homeless children and families living in extreme poverty.

Do others sponsor the same child?

No, each child is matched with only one sponsor.

Can I visit my child?

Yes, we facilitate visitations for sponsors that would like to meet their children and also witness the impact of their contributions.

Do I get updates about the child I sponsor?

Yes, as a child sponsor you receive progress reports about your child as well as letters, pictures and general updates. You also get a free online account with World Bridge Foundation where you can track all your transactions and child’s updates.

Choosing a child to sponsor

Many sponsors know in their hearts what kind of child they would like to sponsor. If you need help deciding, please contact us

Is there anything more I can do?

We believe in supporting the community as a whole and do not support mechanisms that separate children from their communities. If you'd like to do more, consider contributing to our Education Fund and way, you'll be helping more children and their communities.