A child’s future begins with your sponsorship and for $38 a month, you will change one life of a vulnerable child, that’s about $1 a day. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and your $38 a month will help a child enroll and stay in school. Child sponsorship helps to restore dignity and hope among children who live in hardships and extreme poverty.

Meet the children waiting to be sponsored by someone like you.

What a Sponsor gets

  • A welcome packet with the child’s information.
  • A first letter from your sponsored child (within 2 months)
  • Annual progress report
  • An online account where you can email your child or send extra gifts.
  • A life-changing opportunity to visit your sponsored child.

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Sponsorship

Length of Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is a long-term commitment and ideally, a sponsor will pay school fees for a child until he/she has completed secondary (high school) education. However, because some sponsors may not be able to make such a lengthy commitment, we ask that you sponsor a child for a minimum of 3 years.

Group Sponsorship

We encourage communities, churches, work, and school groups to sponsor our children; however, one individual should be identified as a contact person for communications with the World Bridge Foundation. Through Group Sponsorship you can select multiple children that you want to sponsor.

Partial Sponsorship

If you cannot afford to fully sponsor a child, we ask that you donate as much as you can, and we will put the donation into our general education fund. Your donation and those of other donors will be pooled to send as many children to school as possible.

Is my sponsored child real?

All our children are real and verified. World Bridge Foundation aims to educate as many children as possible and our community coordinators identify the children that need help most. You will get to know your sponsored child through letters, emails, exchanging pictures and you can visit him/her.

Do others sponsor the same child?

No, every child is matched with only one sponsor. Once you start sponsoring a child he/she will not appear anymore on the sponsorship list.

Choosing a child to sponsor

Many sponsors know in their hearts their reasons for supporting a particular child. If you need help to choose a child, please contact us.

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