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Were you deeply moved by a specific performance? Or do you have a burning desire to champion a particular community or cause? We have exciting news for you! By becoming an initiative sponsor, you directly contribute to the positive and enduring impacts that our diverse range of programs generate and; you can designate your donation to the specific initiative you would like to support. . .

Regrettably, the communities that could benefit the most from some of our programs often lack the financial resources to access them and while we actively seek grants and corporate sponsorship, this is a challenging, long-term endeavor.

In the meantime, we rely on the support of donors to fund our programs, enabling our impactful initiatives to reach the communities and schools that need them most. Initiative Sponsors are recognized as sponsors in our newsletters and on our website.

If you are keen on sponsoring one of our initiatives, please make a donation.If you are interested in discussing sponsorship options further, please Contact us

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