Family Concerts

Experience the transformative power of music, dance, and storytelling as we work towards building sustainable livelihoods for families in need. Our impact is reciprocal - our performances leave a mark on families from all walks of life. What makes our work truly special is that it creates a mutual exchange of inspiration.

Join us at our main stage performances, where parents and children alike can partake in extraordinary shows, embarking on a journey of curiosity, cross-cultural learning, and boundless joy.

Online Concert Series

We're dedicated to keeping cross-cultural connections vibrant and enduring. Introducing our online family concert series, a platform where our artists connect with audiences even after their tours have concluded. By subscribing on a monthly basis, you directly contribute to musicians' ability to hone their craft and perform during the "off" season. This initiative enables communities worldwide to sustain their relationships, fostering strong bonds and lasting connections. Virtual programs offer a wonderful means to showcase performances, forge robust networks, and maintain enduring relationships during the interim between tours."