Empower a Child's Future

Join us in making a profound impact on the lives of vulnerable children. By becoming a sponsor today or contributing to our education fund, you're taking a step towards positive, lasting change.

Child sponsorship and World Bridge Education Fund

While Child sponsorship is a powerful act of compassion, it directly benefits one child. We recognize that many other children may not have the opportunity to be part of this program. That's why we highly encourage recurring donations to the World Bridge Education Fund. This commitment ensures that every child gains access to a high-quality education.

You're welcome to sponsor a child of your choice, and we truly appreciate your generosity. If you're looking to extend your impact beyond one child, please consider making a contribution to the World Bridge Education Fund. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless children, creating a brighter future for all."

Sponsor a child World Bridge Education Fund

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child will have a lifelong impact on a young person’s life. By sponsoring a child, you will invest in the education, health and joy of a person who lacks access to basic resources. This is one of the most meaningful impacts you can have and will forge an indelible bond between you and another human being - you can choose the specific child you wish to sponsor and get to know them as they embark on their educational journey. Sponsoring a child will help fortify entire communities through the ripple effects that kindness, care, and generosity inevitably bring about.

World Bridge Education Fund

We encourage donors to consider contributing additional donations to our education fund, a funding pool that supports several children rather than just one, and allows us to distribute donations based on specific needs. The World Bridge Education Fund covers tuition, school supplies and resources, psychosocial support and social workers, medical care, and much more. The fund covers a wide array of expenses as attending school can only do so much to support the physical, social, and emotional support of a child. Creating safe communities, healthy children, and facilitating a sense of belonging are all equally important and contribute to the overall educational success of a child.

If you would like to go above and beyond to support children who are not the recipients of the child sponsorship program, please make a donation to the World Bridge Education Fund that will aid the education of other children and also support their needs outside school.