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Dance of Hope is Africa’s leading youth-based arts education touring program that explores the transformational power of music, dance, and storytelling to empower young people, bring communities together and improve livelihoods for families living in underserved communities.

This program brings Africa’s young cast of performers showcasing a resilience born out of sounds that enhance creativity, grit, and change. The vibrant music, dance, and storytelling spectacular tours in performing arts centers, schools, festivals, and all communities, giving opportunities to children who come from the worst environments imaginable to use music and the arts to turn their negative stories into positive ones while inspiring audiences to do the same.

Students exchange and outreach

This program connects young people globally, giving them opportunities to express themselves and share their stories through the arts. The young Ugandan performers engage in dialogue and interactive arts experiences with global students, subsequently learning about one another's lifestyles and cultures. Through Dance of Hope engagements, all children to grow emotionally and socially as a direct result of this experience - from being shy and unsure, the tour allows the Ugandan children to find their voice, become comfortable in front of global audiences, showcase their joy through performances, gain new perspectives and find their confidence in profound and durable ways.

The global children meanwhile try their hand at several traditional African instruments and create original songs that culminate in a full-fledged performance for their families and friends – and get the chance to challenge preconceived notions about other cultures and countries, finding that the similarities found among people from different backgrounds are more numerous than their differences.

Dance of Hope aims to create memorable opportunities for children and adults from different countries and backgrounds to find common space and through panel discussions, participants learn about the role music plays in creating awareness on many important issues such as global poverty, peace, justice and human rights, environmental protection, empowerment, and self-esteem building.

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In 2018, Dance of Hope reached over 45,000 kids across the U.S. in its first international tour alone. Conversations and physical interactions between dance of hope performers and American children have been incredibly impactful, as well as enormously appreciated by schools and teachers across North America. The opportunity to go on stage shows confidence for all involved, and exposure to international experiences and voices offers a mutually beneficial set of experiences for both the African and American children involved in Dance of Hope’s activities.

Dance of Hope not only nurtures children and empowers them, helping them to heal the pain suffered at the hands of poverty and disenfranchisement by expressing themselves loudly, powerfully and in community with others, but also inspires audiences to explore their own feelings and healthy, creative modes of expression for releasing them. Audiences who experience the power of Dance of Hope performances are gripped by the emotional impact of storytelling and inspired to support the arts and education.

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