Music and dance is a shared language - it unites us across our differences, tapping into our shared humanity and capacity for deep feeling. Music is a healing force - whether emotions and stories are being expressed or whether we are engaged as an audience: music and the arts are therapeutic and can provide a constructive outlet for painful emotions. In this way, music programs specifically tailored for at-risk youth can help alleviate suffering and amplify healing.

Designed to tackle a challenge that many youth in the U.S. and in underserved communities generally face, World Bridge Foundations’s arts program provides a venue for children and a creative outlet for them.

After school programs

Many children finish school in the afternoon and as a result of their parents working or not being home, simply don’t have a place to go. Consequently, they end up getting into troublesome habits and situations, turning to drugs or violence to cope with feelings of loneliness or boredom. By providing kids with a space to be and a means to channel their feelings into creativity and community, art, music and dance become a refuge both physically and emotionally. This has proven true for both children in Uganda and the U.S.

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