Arts In Schools

While the arts are an invaluable conduit for self-expression and learning, many schools lamentably lack the adequate resources, funding or attention to the arts that allows for a rich global arts education. World Bridge Foundation sends international artists into schools, allowing young people to engage with different cultures and sets of experiences, opening them up to the larger world and perspectives they would not otherwise be exposed to.

The arts provide an outlet for children to perform better academically, intellectually and socially,

Through the Arts in Schools program, young people are provided with a powerful way to express themselves and develop the sturdy self-esteem necessary to present in front of an audience - an invaluable life skill outside of and beyond the classroom. Children are inherently creative, expressive and joyful, and light up when life changing opportunities in the form of arts education are extended to them and when they are able to participate, ask questions and explore new ideas.

Cross cultural hands-on experience

Our arts education program is designed to bring cross-cultural experiences and learning to schools and communities around the world through performances , workshops, extended residencies, and Q&A sessions. We curate unique programs for every age group as well as special curricula that can be accessed through our resource corner. Our arts programs allow students from different cultural backgrounds to share space and participate in poignant,life-changing learning experiences. Arts education provides unique opportunities for young people to learn actively in a hands-on capacity, and helps to educate children in the areas of global social studies through interactions that we bring to classrooms around the world.

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