Our Approach

Community led intervention: our approach is built on the conviction that communities have the power to cause sustainable transformation when empowered to drive their own ambitions.

Learning by doing Our work engages communities in a series of hands-on activities to encourage interaction which fosters a continuous learning environment within communities.

Networking and partnerships : World Bridge Foundation believes that synergies are needed in achieving its vision and mission. We strive to partner with local and international NGOs to uplift the lives of vulnerable communities. We continue to work closely with beneficiaries through their local administrations to ensure that continued success is achieved on a large grassroots scale.

Research and documentations : World Bridge Foundation uses research and documentation as a tool for understanding vulnerabilities in target communities. Our resource platform helps CSOs, Schools, Charities, Business and Individual persons and foundations to interact and develop synergies that can transform vulnerable communities.

Core Values

☍ RESPECT We treat everybody with dignity and respect

☍ EMPATHY We care for one another in every situation

☍ TRANSPARENCY We are transparent with finances and our actions

☍ ACCOUNTABILITY We pursue excellence and comply with ethics

Our Partners