Our Approach

World Bridge Foundation’s approach is unique for its emphasis on individual development and active engagement with a community-focused philosophy through four main areas: Arts, Life Skills, Psychosocial support, and Child Education.

In Uganda, children are taught skills they can fall back on and generate income from in order to remain independent and financially secure despite the stark odds stacked against them. These competencies, which include knitting and tailoring, craft-making, music instrument making, music training, baking and carpentry increase confidence, and mean that within competitive job markets, young people are able to better understand the world and are qualified to assert themselves.

In addition, our approach is intentionally replicable, modeled off of a foundation of core values and principles which allow World Bridge Foundation to remain both adaptable and transferable from context to context. With the goal of expanding both nationally and internationally as well as in conjunction with other organizations across the globe, it is essential that World Bridge Foundation remains consistent in its commitments.

Model True to the belief in collaboration that World Bridge Foundation espouses in its work with communities, working alongside other nonprofits and ensuring our model is replicable is critical - we want to ensure our programs remain accessible and versatile. In this way, World Bridge Foundation seeks to plant seeds, beginning with a foundation of respect, empathy, transparency, and accountability and blossoming into more equitable and empowered societies worldwide.

Community-led Engagement: Our approach builds on the conviction that communities have the power to catalyze sustainable transformations when empowered to actively pursue their own ambitions. No one can succeed without compassion and encouragement, and World Bridge’s aim is to bring out the best in each person we work with, to ensure that resilient and empathetic networks of connection can be fomented in the long term. World Bridge highlights each person’s strengths, brilliance, and potential, recognizing that societies are comprised of individuals and the aggregation of individual beliefs and values.

Learning By Doing World Bridge Foundation engages communities of all stripes in a series of hands-on activities. Our active approach encourages interaction among people who might otherwise not come into contact, which in turn breaks down barriers, allows for a broader understanding of human connectivity and similarity that transcends superficial differences and fosters a continuous, regenerative learning environment.

Networking and partnerships : World Bridge Foundation believes that synergies are needed to achieve our vision and mission with the greatest possible reach and success. We partner with local and international NGOs to uplift the lives of vulnerable communities and work closely with beneficiaries through their local administrations to ensure that continued success is achieved on a large grassroots scale.

Research and Documentation: World Bridge Foundation uses extensive research and documentation as a tool for understanding vulnerabilities in target communities. Our resource platform helps CSOs, schools, charities, businesses, individuals, and foundations to interact and develop synergies that can transform vulnerable communities.

Core Values

☍ RESPECT We treat everybody with dignity and respect

☍ EMPATHY We care for one another in every situation

☍ TRANSPARENCY We are transparent with finances and our actions

☍ ACCOUNTABILITY We pursue excellence and comply with ethics

Our Partners