About Us

World Bridge Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to bring people together and transform lives through cross-cultural experiences and education.

We provide opportunities for communities to come together to express and share their stories through the visceral power of music, dance, and storytelling, while raising awareness around the need for quality education and living conditions for underprivileged children and their communities.

We partner with M-LISADA organization based in Kampala, Uganda to curate arts programs that tour in schools, cultural centers and communities worldwide introducing African cultural arts to students.

Our central belief is that investing in young people, underserved communities, and empowering more girls into leadership creates livelihoods capable of reinforcing stability, transforming families, and overcoming the cycle of poverty. We provide grassroots support to communities, equipping them with skills, tools, and knowledge that will allow them to have opportunities and compete in global markets.

World Bridge Foundation harnesses the power of music and storytelling to build regenerative livelihoods for families living in poverty. Funds raised through our touring programs support education for many vulnerable children and programs that we run, and through our child sponsorship program you can support a child to receive quality education. World Bridge Foundation strives to durably tackle society’s most pressing issues and generate creative, compassionate solutions to poverty.

Transforming Communities


Art provides young people from all backgrounds with positivity, engagement, improved relationships, a sense of accomplishment, meaning and a connection to the world around them. At a time when students increasingly struggle with low levels of wellbeing, the arts are one essential avenue for improving wellbeing and fostering a durable sense of community in schools.

Social activities and interaction help allay major challenges within communities and Art helps boost confidence and make us feel more engaged and resilient and connected, no matter our background or story. While World Bridge Foundation’s work has proven this time and again, the finding is not just anecdotal: countless studies have shown that art engagement alleviates anxiety, depression and stress.


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